Commemoration of
General Washington's Return to Alexandria, Virginia,
9 September 1781

historical interpretation,
9 September 2006,
Lloyd House,
Alexandria, Virginia

On his way to Mount Vernon General Washington stopped at Lloyd House, where he entertained questions from a twenty first-century audience about the status of the war for American Independence, and the influence of the French military and naval participation in executing this epic Yorktown Campaign of 1781.

Historic Context: On September 9, 1781, as part of the American and French allied armies movement from New York to Yorktown, the General stopped by his home at Mount Vernon. This would be his first visit home in six-and-a-half years. The little over three days he spent at Mt. Vernon with his beloved Martha and their four grand-children, whom he had not seen before, rejuvenated Washington and prepared him for his final appointment with his long time foe Lord Cornwallis.

George Washington interpreted by Gregory Fisher.

Fife and drum accompaniment provided by the Fifes & Drums of Prince William III.

This event was hosted by theVirginia Society Sons of the American Revolution. This is one of three commemorative programs the Society is sponsoring to participate in the 225th Anniversary of the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route. Other events are scheduled for 'Eileen's At The Chimneys', Fredericksburg, VA on 23 September 2006; and for 'The Crown Plaza Williamsburg at Fort Magruder' on 19 October 2006. For more information, see:

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