International Commemoration
of the
225th Anniversary of the 1783 Treaty of Paris

In early September 2008, the Sons of the American Revolution (Branch Français) and the Daughters of the American Revolution (Branch Français) -- both consisting mainly of descendants of Rochambeau's French Expeditionary Force -- provided an extensive program of speakers and visits to commemorate this historic event.

Thousands of photos were taken, and are posted by the French branch of the SAR on Picasaweb. These images are in seven albums, each with separate links given below

Monday, September 1st, 2008: Registration and Welcome Reception. album one

  • Welcoming remarks delivered by Mr. Craig R. Stapleton, Ambassador of the USA, and M. Jean-David Levitte, Conseiller diplomatique to Président Sarkozy.

Tuesday, September 2nd: :Visit to historical sites in Paris album two

  • Parade in arms to the dead of the two Nations in the War for American Independence; visit at Hotel National des Invalides, guided by General Bresse, directeur of Musée de l'Armée.
  • Tribute to La Fayette at Picpus Cemetery and lunch nearby. Homage to Comte de Rochambeau at his statue.
  • Vincennes : the old Royal Castle, presentation of the Army and Navy Archives..
  • Musée Jacquemart-André : private reception by Institut de France and visit of its exceptional collections.

Wednesday, September 3rd: Paris Treaty and Peace of Versailles album three.

  • Conferences and lunch at Palais du Luxembourg (site of the French Senate)
    1 - "Enlightenment's" impacts on France and the USA (Pr. M-J. Rossignol).
    2 -The diplomatic situation in Europe before and after the War. (Pr. Lucien Bély).
    3 -
    The negotiations for peace, from Yorktown to Versailles. (Pr. Lucien Bély).
  • The Naval Museum: 18th Century models and paintings, La Perouse expedition collections ; homages to Benjamin Franklin and to Comte de Grasse.
  • Eternal flame reviving ceremony to the unknown soldier at the Arch of Triumph..
  • Private visit to the Palace of Versailles royal apartments, and Gala dinner: Presiding guest, Monsieur Louis Giscard d'Estaing, président du groupe d'amitié France États-Unis at the National Assembly.

Thursday, September 4th: Further Franco-American fraternity of arms album four.

  • Wreath-laying at the Escadrille La Fayette memorial at Marnes La Coquette. Homage to the American 1914 volunteers, commented by Air attache to US American Embassy.
  • Lunch at Château Thierry. Wreath laying at WW1 Bois Belleau and Cote 204 Memorials.
  • Stop to visit Reims Cathedral; visit of Taittinger's champagne cellars and dinner at Épernay.

Friday, September 5th: Other events and celebrations in Paris. album five.

  • Morning: regular meetings of the NSDAR and NSSAR.
  • Religious service at : basilique de Saint-Denis, tribute to King Louis XVI.
  • Farewell dinner and dancing at Hôtel de Ville de Paris (City Hall).

Friday, September 6th and 7th: Sons and Daughters of American Revolution visit Normandy war memorials. album six.

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