This web page is one of a series posted at this website, which reports on a tent-camping trips conducted by an American couple in France. For this trip, the tent camping in France was in conjunction with a tent camping venture in to Austria. However, the arrival in Europe, in mid June 2001, and the departure mid July 2001were at Charles de Gaulle airport, just north of Paris. Camp sites around and near Paris were used to facilitate the air transport. Other sites in France at Metz (before driving across Germany to Austria) and at Strassbourg (when returning from Austria). The last site was some distance north of Paris, but extimated to be well positioned to make a morning drive to Charles de Gaulle airport to catch the return flight back to the US. As with the other trips, this couple took their tent and other camping equipment with them on the air flight to Paris. While it cannot be guaranteed that all the circumstances can be repeated, the experiences were very similar to the couple's earlier tent camping trips in Western Europe over a 30-year period.

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Much was done as for the earlier 1995 through 2000 trips. Tent, camping equipment and clothes were placed in four canvas flight bags, checked as luggaged and flown to France. Travel in France (and to and from Austria) was by rented car.
Before departing the States, car rental reservations were made and an International Driver's License was obtained. Also acquired was an International Camping Carnet (ICC). Another useful card was the VISA credit card. The advantages of these pre-departure actions are explained under General Remarks on the main page.
For this trip we requested another diesel economy size car, but had to accept an 'upgrade' in the form of a Renault 'LAG 1.9' gasoline model (stick-shift, of course). It had room enough for the camping gear and provided economic road travel.
Food preparation followed the practices of previous trips: mainly picnic lunches and dinners, with occasional dinning out. Groceries and snack items were purchased small stores at or near the campgrounds, with especially good buys at the supermarkets. For heating food and water, we used the Gaz 470 series system. See comments for 1998 trip.

Planning for this trip had some side research objectives both in Paris and in Austria.


CHAMPINGY (Val-de-Marne - 94 ILE-DE-FRANCE).
21 JUNE, THURSDAY (day 1). Arrived at Charles de Gaulle, picked up rented car and drove south toward the campsite that we had used previously in the Parc du Tremblay, northwest Champingy, a southeast suburb of Paris. This camp ground, is close to the Marne River, and is discussed in more detail on another webpage that covers 'Tent Camping In and Near Paris'. Over time it has proven the best for both comuting to the airport as well as visiting Paris. Again we made use of the multi-day 'Paris Visit' card that provided savings in using the RER, the METRO, and the buses in Paris as well as a free ride on the bus that went between the RER station [which went in to Paris] and the campsite.

Boulevard des Alliés

Tél:; Fax:
[Calling from the US, replace the first '01' with '0033.1']
Camping du Tremblay website:
Expenses: Camping site cost ????? for one tent, two persons and a car.

CORNY [near METZ] (Moselle - 57 LORRAINE).
25 JUNE, MONDAY (day 5). Traveled from campsite at Paris to LE PAQUIS [2 stars in the French guide] at Corny sur Moselle [14 km southwest of Metz]. Le Paquis' modern, wash room facilities are located in a single structure. It is clean and well managed.

The camp grounds occupy a quiet, wooded area, along the Moselle River. One side of the campgrounds had a low fence that separated the camp sites from a walking path that directly bordered the Moselle. The campers, many German, appear to use Le Paquis primarily for quiet, country camping, with only an occasional interest to visit Metz. Corny is a suburb of Metz and a good 20 minutes drive from the center of Metz. It was selected to ensure an easy drive to reach it after coming from Paris, and to avoid suspected car traffic conjections in seeking a campgorund located in Metz, itself.
However, if one is more interested in Metz, there appears to have been a better alternative, and one that will be tested on a later visit. This possible alternative is CAMPING METZ-PLAGE, Metz 5700, 03 Reportedly one enters behind the hospital on rue Belle Isle. The grounds are reported to have tree - shaded spots next to the Moselle River and a youth hostel. Appears to be in the northwest of the town, and easilly reached from the autoroute exit.

Le Paquis
Tel: 03 87 52 03 59
Expenses: campsite: ?????

Brief notes describing camping in Austria (from 27 June through 4 July) will be added at a later date.

5 JULY, THURSDAY (day 14). Traveled from Austria, through southern Germany and arrived at Strassbourg. Campsite well avertized in guide book. Appears to be the only one with easy access into the center of Strassbourg. It is located in the suburb of Montagne Verte, just southwest of the city. Montagne Verte is situated near the junction of A35 and N4, both routes A35 and N4 have ramps off for Montagne Verte, but no campground signs until after leaving the freeways. Use Exit 4 from A35. Nice grounds, quiet, two clean wash room stations.

Some caution is advised: security and assigned placement - check it out – try to avoid being placed near the high traffic and insecure gate near the youth hostel. The particular location in the suburb has very few pleasing eateries – some of very questionable acceptance if one expects the usual French service. There is a restaurant on the campgrounds. To get in to town [without a long walk] one takes a bus to a transfer point en route to another bus that goes to the city. Fortunately the schedules run promptly, bit limited runs on Sundays.
Camping Montagne Verte
2 rue Robert Forrer
Expenses: lost record.

8 JULY, SUNDAY (day 17). Campground is located immediately north of the commune of St-Leu-d'Esserent, in an abandoned stone quarry, now covered with thick growth of vegetation. The campground is excellent not only for an easy drive to make an airport departure at Charles de Gaulle, but also for excursions to areas north of Paris -- Picardie region and the various northern departments in the Region Parisenne. Campix advertises its close proximity to Parc Asterix, and it well suited for occasional visits to Paris.

This campground is discussed in more detail on another webpage that covers 'Tent Camping In and Near Paris'.

B.P. 37
Tel:; Fax:

11 JULY, WEDNESDAY (day 20). Departed St. Leu D'Esserent for Charles de Gaulle airport.

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