Redoubt 9, Yorktown Day 2006
On Yorktown Day, 19 October 2006, at 16:30 hours, a commemoration was held at the historic redoubt to honor those in the French regiments who fell in the assault of 14 October 1781.
Participants in the ceremony included a French delegation representing the historic regiments that were present at Yorktown: the Hussards de Lauzun, Royal-Auvergne [Gâtinais], and Royal-Deux-Ponts. In addition were contingents of American re-enactment units of French regiments that were at Yorktown, such as the Saintonge regiment. Others included members of ‘The Sons' and ‘The Daughters of the American Revolution' from the United States as well as from France.
Jacques de TRENTINIAN, FRSSAR VP, described the action and named the specific individuals from the French Regiments who died in the engagement on the night 14 0ctober 1781. Standing beside Jacques are: colonel André MUDLER, président de l'association de Royal-Deux-Ponts, anciens des 99ème et 299ème RI, and général Jean PRAT, président de l'association de Royal-Auvergne, anciens du 18ème RI.
The storming of the redoubt was directed by baron de Viomesnil, second in command of the French Expeditionary Force commanded by comte de Rochambeau. The French storming columns were led by the lieutenant-colonels of the two main regiments involved: Amable Roqueplan de L'Estrade de Conty, for Gâtinais; and Guillaume de Deux-Ponts, vicomte de Forbach, for Royal-Deux-Ponts. Both the lieutenant-colonels were injured in the action.
French veterans from the descendent organizations of the two main historic units in the 14 October 1781 assault on Redoubt 9 carried replicas of the original regimental colors. The Royal Deux-Ponts was a French Regiment [paid directly by the French Treasury, deployed in wars as directed by the French King, structured by French military regulations, and official unit records maintained in French archives] wherein the rank-and-file were mostly raised in the German-speaking community of Zweibrücken. The Gâtinais [aka ‘Gatinois'] was awarded the title ‘Royal-Auvergne' in July 1782 at the request of Rochambeau and in recognition of its splendid conduct in America.

Historians generally agree that the French suffered about 15 killed and 77 wounded during the assault phase; often the figure given is 90 plus ‘casualties'. Archival records of the military units involved provided evidence of the names of Gâtinais soldier killed, or died from wounds received, in the assault on the Redoubt as given in the chart below. Royal Deux-Ponts records show three of their regiment having died on 14 October 1781, and the assumption is made that they may have also been casualties during the assault. With the exception of one officer, there are no records of those wounded during the assault having died later from their wounds. At the bottom of this page is a link to a webpage that describes the assault and addresses the estimated casualty figures.

French Soldiers Killed, or Known To Have Died
from Wounds Received, During Assault
on Redoubt 9, Yorktown, 14 October 1781


DAUBER, George


De BERTHELOT [chevalier de VILLENEUVE], Augustin [lieutenant]
JARLAN de SIREUIL, Jean [capitaine]
BEDEL, Jacques
DEZÉ, André
GILLES, Pierre, dit Courageux
GIRAUD, Joseph
GOUYA, Antoine
HOUBA, Rémy, dit La Terreur
JULIEN, Claude, dit Francoeur
La COSTE, Jean
MAUCHALIN, Philibert
SORBETZ, Barthélemy
VEXTAIN, Emmanuel

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