Reconstructed Gunpowder Artillery
of the Middle Ages

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Bombard pictured here is a reconstruction of a piece kept at the Musée de l'Armée, les Invalides, Paris.
Length = 2.134m.
Exterior diameter = 76.2cm.
Interior diameter = 50.8cm.
This reconstruction is located at château de Castelnaud (Dordogne), France. The château is one of the finest museums on medieval warfare.

This reconstructed gun is located at the atelier of ARMEDIEVAL
at Castelmoron-sur-Lot, France.
The 'beer mug like' removable powder chamber permited a more rapid rate-of-fire. A wedge held the chamber in its breech position.
Pictured here is a reconstruction of a piece kept at the Musée de Madrid.
Chamber length = 15.24cm.
Exterior diameter = 13.97cm.
Interior diameter = 8.89cm.
Weight of stone projectile = .907kg

Images shown here were constructed by M. Renaud Beffeyte and
photographed on location by the webpage author in 1998.

M. Renaud Beffeyte is director of ARMEDIEVAL.
He may be contacted for his publications and on other matters at:

Route de Fongrave
47260 Castelmoron
fax: (33)
M. Beffeyte, along with M. Jacques Miquel and the owner of château de Castelnaud began in 1985 to research and to construct operative medieval gunpowder weapons and non-gunpowder (mechanical) war machines (engines). Their work continues to add such items to the inventories of fortress châteaux museums in France and in other countries of Europe.

Details of their projects and many other images of reconstructions can be examined at the ARMEDIEVAL webpage

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