The following map is based mostly upon one made by Michel de Lombarès for his 'Patay, 18 juin 1429', in RHA 1966. Note: all works referenced in this page are further cited in the HYW Bibliography page.
The traditional perception of the 'battlefield' for the Battle of Patay is reflected in the works of the military historians Alfred Burne [Agincourt War] and Michel de Lombarès ['Patay, 18 juin 1429]. However, the traditional view is challenged by the work of Ferdinand de Liocourt [La mission de Jeanne d'Arc (1974-6)]. As interpreted by Kelly De Vries [Joan of Arc; A Military Leader (1999)], Liocourt's theory, which is largely based upon discovery of medieval horseshoes, would have the battle's initial encounter take place near the village of Saint-Sigismond. This location is much farther south than the traditional location near the crossroads of the two ancient 'grand chemins' just south of Lignerolles. The crossroads lie in a shallow depression, called 'Vallée de la Retrêve', that runs from south of La Garenne in an arc to Coinces.
De Vries also estimates the location of Fastolf and the English wagon train park to be at a rise called 'La Garenne' just southwest of Lignerolles. Burne and de Lombarès locate the wagons upon a small rise, called 'Le Camp', just northeast of Lignerolles.
The de Liocourt/De Vries theory would not have the French column stopping to rest at St- Sigismond, but rather rush through, and around, the English archers attempting to establish their position east of that village. From St- Sigismond, the French would continue their pursuit northward to Saint-Péravy-la-Colombe, where they struck another body of English. From that village, the French pursuit would continue straight north [conforming to today's modern road, but not a main road then] in the direction of Lignerolles and overrunning the English wagon train at La Garenne.
DeVries suggests that the traditional field known as 'la cimetière aux Anglais' (the English cemetery) was to the west of Coinces, not slightly east and south as shown in Lombarès map.
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